Money-Back Guarantee Standards for Accelerator Programs

1. Eligibility: Participants must complete a minimum of 4 months in the program before becoming eligible for the money-back guarantee.

2. Refund Amount: The refund will cover the amount for the pro-rated period remaining in the program. For example, if a participant opts for a refund after 4 months in an 8-month program, they would receive a refund for the remaining 4 months.

3. Deductions: Refunds will be net of transaction costs, financing costs, and any other transaction costs incurred by the company.

4. Documentation: Participants are required to submit relevant documentation showcasing active participation and any feedback given during their time in the program.

5. Feedback Session: A feedback session will be conducted with participants detailing their experiences and reasons for dissatisfaction.

6. Claim Evaluation: All claims will be reviewed by a designated team or committee to ensure fairness and consistency.

Process Document for Claiming Money-Back Guarantee

1. Notification of Intent: Participants must send a formal written notice expressing their intention to claim the money-back guarantee within 15 days of completing the 4-month period.

2. Documentation Submission: Documentation must be submitted within 7 days after sending the Notification of Intent.

3. Feedback Session Booking: A feedback session will be scheduled between the participant and the program administrators to occur within 14 days of receiving all necessary documentation.

4. Feedback Session: Participants will detail their experiences and reasons for dissatisfaction during this session.

5. Claim Evaluation: Post feedback session, the claim will be reviewed by the designated team. This review process will conclude within 14 days.

6. Communication of Decision: Participants will receive written notification regarding their claim within 7 days post claim evaluation.

7. Refund Process: If approved, the refund, after all specified deductions, will be processed within 30 days of the decision communication.